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Michael Hersch: Black Untitled

Michael Hersch: Black Untitled

Ensemble Klang with Ah Young Hong
Release Date: September 4, 2017


Black Untitled reveals a music of unfiltered, visceral intensity. Presenting two works by Michael Hersch (1971), Ensemble Klang delve into an oeuvre that explores the frailty and destruction of the human body. In "cortex and ankle" with soprano Ah Young Hong, they invoke a ritual of sound and space; while the stark and single-minded meditation of "Black Untitled" further reveals an unflinching music of “strange excitement”, one that even when sparingly written can leave the listener gasping for breath.

Ensemble Klang
Erik-Jan de With, reeds; Michel Lamers, reeds; Anton van Houten, trombone; Joey Marijs, percussion; Saskia Lankhoorn, piano; Pete Harden, electric guitar

Ah Young Hong, soprano (cortex and ankle)